My first experience with scams was in 2004.  Several people contacted me about my puppy pictures being back up for sale on other sites.  These were puppies of mine that had already SOLD!   This has happened many times.  Then Jack and I realize that this picture of us with our dogs was being used on other peoples website posing as us.  These are some screen shots I took of them.  Please alwasys be careful.  

It is always best if you can meet your new puppy and pick him out.  Still, many people are not able to do this.​  ​It can be very scary purchasing a puppy over the internet.  One should always be careful and be sure to speak to your potiential breeder.  Many people want to do everything by text these days.  Have a long conversation with the breeder, ask lots of questions and a feeling for there breeding program.   We are here for you with any questions 830-393-5181
​Ask for different pictures of the same puppy in different back grounds.  Also they should have pictures of the puppy at differen ages.  If posible ask for references.  Try and do a picture search on the picture.  That is how we found these pictures on so many sites.  These were all up at the same time!