Getting Ready for your new Baby
​We do everything we can to help with your puppies transition from our your home.  That is why I strongly recomend purchasing the "Puppy Culture The Powerfull First 12 weeks" by Jane Kilion's.  You will have the tools to pick up exactley where we are at with your new puppy.  When you come to pick up your puppy the first thing I suggest is to bring a crate to bring your puppy home in.  ​You will also need a size appropriate crate to help with potty trainging and puppies come to love the retreat of the crate when introduced and used correctley.  You will have a baby blanket with moms scent that can go in the crate to help those first few nights.  You will also recieve your puppies first bag of food.  You will have all your paperwork including AKC papers, shot/deworm record, and veterinary exam record.  You will want to take the medical records with you to your first veterniary visit.  

Puppies need lots of toys.  These guys are teathing so they chew everything.  They play hard and they sleep hard.  Give them their own toys, or they will find yours!  The otherside of that is you do need to supervise with toys.  You would be amazed at the things puppies can get down their throats.  We keep a "safe" toybox out.  These are toys they have had long enough we know what they can do with them.  These are kept out in our living room.  Then we have the "special" toys that only come out while we are supervising or interacting with them.  Just remember these guys can do a lot of damage not only in your house but ourside.  So supervise your puppy. 

You need to keep your new puppy contained somehow when you cannot watch him.  This can be an x-pen, a crate, or small room that is safe.   You will need to continue feeding your puppy 3 times a day.  We recomend doing this for the first 6 to 8 months if possible.