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Welcome to JrDoggies Goldens.  We are Jack and Robin, exhibitors and breeders of English Golden Retrievers. We have had experience with years of breeding and showing various dog breeds.   None can compare with the wonderful traits and temperament of Golden Retrievers. ​ 
​Golden Retrievers are such a wonderful family dog who always seek to please. They are very intelligent and love to learn new things.  Because of this it is best to keep your Golden challenged by introducing new games and plenty of tricks on a regular basis. They need regular exercise, so a good size yard is best, and they love those family walks. You won't find a more loyal and loving breed.  Golden's are also great with children and children love them.  Are you ready to add this beautiful breed to your home?  Just take a look at our Golden Puppies and try to resist. 

We have raised many litters of puppies over the years and have gained much experience in raising happy healthy social puppies.  This is why we have decided to incorporate the program of  Puppy Culture into the raising of  your potintal new family member.  Our dogs are our family and raised in our home and underfoot.   We assume you want the same with your new bundle of energy.   This is why we are committed to giving your new baby the best possile advantages we can to obtain the best he can get in his journy through life.  We only have one to two litters a year and you are always welcome to fill out the contact form to be put on our mailing list for our next litter.  There is a lot of time, energy, love, and much more into raising a litter of English Cream Golden Retrievers.